Time for Change

is the story of Benjamin Patterson and Caitriona MacLaggan. Catriona  is given a vision of a pending disaster. A bomb has been placed and Catriona is the only person privy to the details. Problem is, no one believes her.  Finally, local cop, CI Robertson manages to convince Edinburgh CI, Ben Patterson, that he should listen. The two have a bit of trouble working together, though. Caitriona  objects to his skepticism of the old ways and Ben thinks she’s more than a little crazy. Along the way he starts to see something in her that he’s been missing all his life.

Despite how much she aggravates him and makes him want to pull out his hair, she also excites him, challenges him, pushes him. He can definitely see himself spending the rest of his life with her, and it scares the crap out of him.

After seeing first hand her special talents, he begins to wonder if there was something to the rumors and stories about Loch na Rhune being a magical place.


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