Lost in Time

Elizabeth has grown up hearing the story of Ealasaid and Uilleam, and how a brave young man saved a little girl from certain death by using the stone circle near their village to send her forward in time. She thought it nothing more than a fairy tale told by her grandmother, until one night, twenty years later, when a man who’s been brutally beaten and stabbed, dies in her arms after giving her a message: the fairy tale is no tale, but a true story.


Now, somehow, the same man responsible for the massacre of her family and village has come forward in time to reclaim that which he sought: her. Elizabeth must now flee her home in Canada in search of a village that exists only history books, and a man who pledged to her father, two-hundred years in the past, to keep her safe.

In a journey fraught with danger, Elizabeth must learn to believe in herself, for the price of failure is more than she’s willing to pay.


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