Where the heck did summer go!.

My daughter went back to school today!!! How on earth is it time for that? It feels like it was just yesterday that school was out. I want a do over 😦

so it has been a while since I posted. I apologize. I have been learning lots of new things and spending time in our garden watching my little experiments growing. I am pleased with most of them. Everything struggled this year with the quantity of rain we had.

The tomatoes and the yellow beans and carrots are doing great! The squash are a definite fail in that spot as were the leeks. The Brussels sprouts are only just starting to grow along with the corn.  The green beans have started to climb the corn but are no where near these ate they should be for this point in he season. We have had a couple of zucchini and the potatoes also seem to be thriving in their box.

so next year I will add in some compost -maybe even this fall and try again. The more I learn now, hopefully the easier it will be when we have our property.

What were your gardening wins and fails this year so far?