Is it spring yet?

Seriously! We got almost 30 cm of snow last week and now tomorrow is supposed to be minus too- damn- cold after a lovely couple of days above zero! At least my seeds are happily growing!

I’ve actually had to transplant my peas and beans to a Rubbermaid tote. My wonderful hubby very kindly drilled homes in the bottom for me, after asking several times if I was sure I wanted holes drilled into the bottom of a perfectly good bucket. He was even nice enough to purchase a bag of gravel and carry it into the house and empty some into the bucket. I think he secretly wanted to show off his muscles, he said it was so I didn’t drop it. It was very kind of him and I thanked him appropriately. A kiss people- I gave him a big kiss with my dirty hands ;).  Don’t ask me how I gave him a kiss with dirty hands- figure it out.  My hands were above the belt people, seriously! Get your minds out of the gutter! lolol.

I finally finished revisions for book #3 who’s current title is Second Chance at Love. I am hopefully working with Algonquin College to have a student do the artwork for the cover. I have sent off lots of pics of what I would like, and am waiting… patiently….to see what happens. Perhaps not as patiently as I might like, but all the same, patiently.

Ooh! I have had some free time at work the last week or so with our transition to paperless and everyone scrambling around trying to figure out how everything works now. So I found this awesome book at the Library called Prepper’s Natural Medicine. Holy cow! Lots of info! I also checked out a crap load – more like a crap ton- of books on native plants of the boreal forest and Canada in general since one of my goals would be to make our own tinctures, salves etc. with herbs from our own garden. There is a ton of information, many courses you can take and links to those practicing Registered Herbal Medicine.

We had a lovely visit with our oldest son, celebrated his and his next youngest brother’s birthdays and in between, our 25th wedding anniversary. I miss having all my kids in the house. Soon another chick will be leaving the nest. I know they do this- move out and start their own lives- but it’s still hard to see them go. Another 3 years and potentially all the boys will be off doing their own thing and then GIRLS WILL RULE!! No seriously we will finally outnumber the male population of our home! Then I’ll be looking forward to starting our new journey as a family of 3 and hopefully our move to our dream property.

For now, we dream and plan and enjoy our time together 🙂


I was really lazy and only bought veggies and cold meat this week and we ate out of the freezer, which was predominantly chicken so, menu was/is as follows:

Saturday: Chicken legs and roasted potatoes and salad

Sunday: Tandori chicken with baked potatoes and salad

Monday: Chicken tournados and (betcha thought I was going to say potatoes, eh) rice and green beans

Tuesday: Turkey and apple mixed with mild italian sausage meat, left over rice, left over cauliflower, tomatoes etc one pot special.

Wednesday: Something with ground chicken( I still have a few hours to figure that out hehehe)

Thursday: Pasta

Friday: no idea, but probably chicken cesear salad, or leftovers, or hot dogs…

Be kind to each other!!That’s an order! lolol