My seeds have sprouted!!!!

I know that isn’t terribly excited, nor a particularly good reason for missing two weeks, but it’s exciting!!! It’s really super exciting!!! This is one of the first steps I’m taking to be self sufficient with my food and one of our main goals this year- start our own veggies from seed. Not only did they come up, but some are being little troupers and may even need to be transplanted out of their egg carton cribs into more posh living spaces 🙂

Positive thinking went a long way in getting back to work last week, even though I was fighting a bout of vertigo. I did figure out that part of the problem was that after 5 years, I didn’t want to go back to work, and not because I wanted to stay home and veg on the couch,(although if I had made that choice, there was nothing wrong with it) but because I didn’t want to deal with the interpersonal relationships and the betrayal I felt from coworkers. I have now adopted a slightly cynical approach, but it’s helping me to feel a bit more self-protected, which is good.

Did you look into those two planting tidbits I gave out last time? I didn’t either, but they are still on my list. On a side note, I was making cabbage rolls on the weekend and noticed that as I was spreading out my savoy cabbage leaves that they looked an awful lot like scrotum skin. I called in the main male in my house for confirmation, to which he shook his head at my declaration, but in the end, had to agree that it did indeed. I did refrain from mentioning to the boys as they ate said cabbage rolls that they were eating veggie balls, but it was very difficult. I waited till today to spring that on them 🙂 I wonder how many of you will buy one this week and cook it just to see. lololol I can be such an instigator sometimes. heheheheh.

Anyhoo, on to other things. I believe skating is finished for the now since we seem to have jumped straight into spring up here in the great white north, which is looking more green than white right now. I am assured that there is more snow to come, which is all good, but I think I might actually like this early spring thing.

I also started writing again! I’ve finally started revisions to book #3 in anticipation of having it ready to epub for June 10. I think I’ve set myself an unreasonable time-line, but I want to at least try. I still need to figure out a cover and all that, but I am encouraged by the fact that, after almost a year, I’m back at it.

Menu time!!!!

Saturday we enjoyed, I don’t remember, give me a minute, hmmm. Great, hubby doesn’t remember either, must not have been all that exciting. 😦

Sunday: Cabbage rolls ( ie veggie balls, heheheh) with some wraps to use up the unused stuffing

Monday: Chicken breasts ( yes, balls followed by breasts- that’s how we roll in this house), wedge fries, and veggies

Tuesday: Pate chinoi ( probably spelled that wrong- ground beef with a layer of broccoli, topped with mashed potatoes)

Wednesday: Pork chops in spiced apple sauce ( made by me last fall!) rice and broccoli ( see a theme here- broccoli was on sale this week)

Thursday: Pasta!

Friday: Hot dogs and French fries

Peace out! Make sure to be kind to someone and don’t forget to share that little tidbit about the savoy cabbage with your friends. It’s especially effective if you are holding a cucumber in your hand too. Make sure they aren’t trying to swallow anything when you tell them!!!!




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