There are few smells I love more than woodsmoke. This week it was ribfest downtown and each day I got to walk outside my building and smell woodsmoke and roasting meat. Then every morning, my cycling route takes me through the plethora of stands starting up their wood/charcoal fires. It was like a tease! If I smell woodsmoke first thing in the morning, I expect there to be eggs and bacon to go with it.

The second thing that I love the smell of is fresh clothes off the line. I need to try to make a lavender spray for the sheets, but just the smell of sun dried clothes is awesome. I’m a low maintenance kinda girl. I get off on woodsmoke and line dried clothes- there I said it! Bottle that scent and I’ll… I need a moment ;).

As for soapmaking endeavors this week, I am a bit disappointed in my last batch, they are a bit soft and even still a bit sticky, which isn’t cool. So perhaps I will go back to my original recipee since those bars did come out well. I won’t put them for sale, or even look at starting a soap business until I’ve perfected my bars.

This week, we had a bit of a date day, so what did we do? Went to IKEA for breaky and took a walk around to see what things we might like for the tiny home. We also checked out some appliances in the store next to it, but they are ridiculously expensive for something that’s half the size! I will clearly have to keep looking. We did somewhat decide on the look of the cabinets, and the counters, but the rest is still on in my head.

I did manage to finish book #4 last weekend! I’ve have sent it off to be read by my wonderful beta readers and am awaiting their thoughts! I have also started another story- I know, I have too many started stories, but this one is awesome, but then again, I might be a bit biased. I really feel like I have found my voice and this one has been trying to be heard for a while. It will really let me stretch my sarcastic and dry humour.

This is an exciting week for us and boy #3 graduates from highschool. We’re very proud of him and wish him an exciting future! It will be very neat to see how he spreads his wings, and it which direction he flies.

That leaves us with menu time!!!

First up is tonight- burgers ( I had a mushroom burger, because unlike other members of my family, they don’t create noxious fumes later) 🙂

Monday night- chicken on the BBQ with salad and roasted 1/2 potatoes

Tuesday night- garlic pork chops with riced cauliflower and cukes

Wed night – TBD as it is grad supper night and I will have company

Thursday – not really sure :/ perhaps pizza

Friday- seeing a trend here? Open to options 🙂

Have a great week. Be kind, even to the jerks that speed past you on their bikes and don’t stop for birds crossing the paths- even the babies !!! Then I have to deal with an upset nanny goose, and no one needs that ! An I appologize if a a bird choked on the gum I had to spit out cause  a shed fly or something flew in my mouth- I’m just not into eating bugs- things aren’t that bad yet.






We had one scorching week a couple of weeks ago, and now we’re back to fall, flannel, fires and soup! Good grief!

Oh, and you know I was saying how much I was disappointed in the dishwasher detergent I made, well it turns out it was my dishwasher, not the soap. Our dishwasher died, and our son was nice enough to purchase us a new one ( I say he just didn’t like the prospect of having to handwash the dishes- the boys don’t appreciate the aromatherapy the same way I do). Anyhow, I made a powdered version and we are back to sparkling clean dishes! Yah!!!

We are also getting low on shampoo soap, so I made a new batch this weekend. I tried a new combo, so we’ll see how it works in a few weeks when I can try it. I also tried some herbal infusions – in this case lavender buds- for a batch of soap. I was a bit disappointed that the smell didn’t carry through to the soap, nor did it have an even remotely purple colour. I will have to do some more research on that.

Got to meet a couple of new people- coworkers of my hubby, who are moving back east. Laura does glass art jewelry and they are amazing! Here is the link if you are interested: https://www.facebook.com/laurapenneyglass/ . I also have a good friend who carves and has her own side business doing graphic design stuff which I hope to take her up on. Her name is Fiona and you can find her here: https://www.facebook.com/fiona.plunkett.

As for writing, I will apologize as I have done nothing towards getting book #3 ready to publish 😦 I have been cycling to work, which is good, and I’m sure my body will thank me, once its done swearing at me, but its meant that I have had no time to write in the mornings, and none in the evenings. I have hope that once my body adjusts to this new routine,  that I will be able to stay awake past 9 pm and get some work done. For now, I am done beating myself up over not being able to do it.

Be kind to one another today, even that jerk who has to pass you on the blind corner and who’s wheels are super skinny and who’s bike could probably be picked up with one hand. Spread good karma my friends!