There’s nothing much I hate more than the blues. From time to time I get stuck in this vortex of self… well battlement for lack of a better word. I KNOW that the thoughts of sadness and loneliness and unwantedness are not truth, but for some reason, those thoughts take over and despite all the ‘tactics’ I use to combat them, I lose. That’s where I’ve been.

Things have been busy here at our ‘homestead’. We now have some plants we purchased from a friend and we can’t wait to try out these lovely heritage tomatoes and salad greens. It is warm enough in our backyard to put them in the sun, but for now, we  bring them indoors at night. I believe we have cemented the plan for our garden and its expansion. The list of veggies to be planted has not been finalized (its in my head still ).

I am loving the dishwasher detergent I made, but not the dish soap one. I find the dishsoap leaves a film in the sink which means I have to scrub it every time, which although not super taxing, is just a pain. I have yet to try the toothpaste, but that will happen soon as my tube of Green Beaver Mint is almost gone.

What new things have you learned this week? I found a recipee for Tiger Balm! Off topic, I know, but I just remembered! It doesn’t take much to excite me these days 😉 Ok, back on target, what news things were learned this week. I learned that I run a pretty awesome party. Everything went off like clock work, no one was injured, all had fun, much creativity flowed and all was good. I was numb afterwards.

Today I play catch up. I have laundry on the line making use of this great sunshine we’re enjoying, laundry on the go, supper prepped and everyone doing their own thing. Hubby is happily up to his elbows in small engine stuff in the garage, daughter is playing with other girls outside, sons are occupied and I have some lovely relaxation music playing in the background. Time to get some writing done!

Happy thoughts coming your way! Enjoy your day!