And there was light!

So, last time I wrote that we were going to make candles.

WE made candles!

We had a few hick-ups. Firstly, we didn’t really have enough wax. I had purchased 1 lb, which I thought would be enough. It only filled my tomato juice can 1/3 of the way, so that when we dipped the candle wick in, it only made about 2″ of candle. That wasn’t going to work for me. So, we tried a mason jar, being that it was slightly narrower, thus our wax would be higher, which it was.

It was a time consuming process, which I knew going in. My older boys tried to come up with faster ways of dipping, and my little girl lasted about an hour in total. In the end, I was the sole dipper. However, it was a good lesson. The boys could clearly see how it was that people were motivated to make electricity to make light, or to find other alternatives to spending hours and hours dipping candles. I personally found it quite soothing.

Our candles ended up being about 1 cm diameter, and about 6″ long. My hubby was nice enough to make us two little candle holders for them, and we have enjoyed them at supper a couple of nights. Despite the cost, I purchased several more lbs of beeswax and have plans to make more candles and hopefully we’ll get some closer to the 1″ diameter and closer to 9″ tall.

We also made some hair wax,  vapour rub, and booboo cream – yes, my big lads still call it that – so all in all, a very productive day.

We have harvested some of the Kale from the back yard, and I think next weekend will see the garden put to bed for the winter while we make plans to make it more productive next year.

Time to think about getting some soap made for Christmas giving and for the lads. I also have a new recipee for shaving soap and even one for shampoo that I’m anxious to try out. And on top of that, I have a chapter to finish writing!

Menu for this week:

Sunday: chicken, braised cabbage and veggies

Monday: Ground beef stroganoff on rice noodles

Tuesday: Ginger porkchops, rice and salad

Wednesday: Butter Turkey with broccoli and potatoes

Thursday: Pasta night!

Friday: Hot Dogs and French fries, or leftovers

Saturday: homemade pizza

Have an amazing week!


Adventures in Learning- Part 1

So the purging last weekend was not as difficult as I expected. I got rid of quite a bit. My strategy was that if I wasn’t going to be using it in the future, and hadn’t used it lately, it was to to go. Knitting patterns, and sewing patterns, books and clothes all went into the bags and boxes.

I had a friend come over to help me deal with my scrapbooking things. I had invested a lot of $$ into those items, but between work, writing, life etc. hadn’t sat down to do any of it since my last child was a baby. I did’t see myself having time to do it in the future, so rather than give it away, which is usually how I like to deal with things, I gave it to her to sell. I then used some of that money earned to buy the things I’d need to accomplish this weekend’s goal

How to make candles!

So this weekend, my daughter, and one son, will be making beeswax tapers. Find information on the internet is no problem, however it can be quite varied.  I decided to call my supplier Voyageur Soap and Candles, to see if I could just get information from people who’s job it was, and they were a wealth of good information.

Stay tuned as we explore lots of other learning projects all designed to prepare us for our homesteading journey!

Now to make a menu for the week :/

Where to start?

So I think after pondering things this week, the best place to start would be to go through my stuff.

It is a daunting task. Not cause I have alot of stuff, I don’t, not in comparison to other people, but most of my stuff has sentimental value. I’ve been watching past seasons of Tiny Home Nation, and it has been terribly helpful. The exercises he makes them go through are the same ones I’m going to have to do. I will have to decide if I really need 3 cabillion knitting needles regardless of who them came from. I also will need to go through my knitting patterns, my sewing supplies, my scrapbooking …

So today, I got started. I went through some scrapbooking things and decided that space will be at a premium at some point, and I don’t need scrapbooks. That’s not to say that I’m giving up my pictures, cause I’m not. I will just start the long process of scanning them and keeping them in a hard drive. Those Hd’s or sticks will stay in my fireproof box and will be pared down from the rubbermate tote that they currently reside in. Next weekend, I have a friend coming to help me sort out my scrapbooking things and see if I can get a bit of $$ for it by reselling. I have also started going through my pattern books and deciding which ones are important, and which are not based on their versatility.

Sewing stuff may happen this week, and I would like to get it down to one smallish box, not including my fabric as its in a box under the bed, but should be mostly used up by christmas.

After that, I’ll tackle the clothes again, although I am really good at purging what I’m not wearing. I’ve been going through my books and am down to just my 2 fav authors, and even then, I’m trying to buy ebooks, but ya know, sometimes, you just want to hold a book :/

So there’s my tasks for this week!

Happy Fall and good luck with your purging! Let me know how its going 🙂