Almost a full month since posting. 😦
Always a chance to try again, so here goes!
Tree is up and decorated by the kidos- who did an awesome job even though they were getting a tad frustrated that the heavier ones kept falling off the delicate branches of the REAL tree. Yes, I won this year, provided we could get one at IKEA for $20 which we did. I thought it would be a lot slimmer than it turned out to be, but it still is perfect. The smell is what I like best. Something about the smell of fresh pine and woodsmoke- sorry, need a minute- do something for me. The combination just sets my senses to calm 🙂 So does gingerbread :).
Menu for this week, well part of the week, naw, I’ll just write a whole week and do my best 🙂 Here goes:

Sunday: Roasted Chicken Breasts cooked in beer, with leeks, carrots, celery, spices and a few other things, with some african couscous to absorb all the lovely flavours.

Monday: Mushroom, leek, spinach and tomato frittata

Tuesday: Roasted Fennel, leek and potato soup with fresh bread.

Wednesday: Beans and Lentils in rice with spices

Thursday: spaghetti with sauce

Friday: Pizza

On a writing note, still have heard nothing from the one request for a full that I have gotten, but am making progress on book number 2! Goal was to have it finished by Christmas, but this is not going to happen. Maybe end of January?

Have a great week!!!