Awesome day today! Tomorrow is hump day and tonight is writers chat night! One of my faves!


Sunday Oct 21

Alright! Had an awesome weekend just me and hubby and daughter. Boys were off on a bush weekend with cadets. Got some fabric cut out, a query letter re-worked and yes, I did do a menu for this week. It has way more meat than I would normally do, but feeling the need for some this weekend.
We had some friends for supper Friday night and had an adults only supper after putting daughter to bed. It was great! Had honey and whiskey marinated salmon, with steamed kale and twice baked sweet potatoes. That was the first time I’ve had a baked sweet potato. I’ve always cooked them into things. The whole thing was darned good! I had a cheese cake in the freezer that I’d been saving so went to serve it for desert only to find out that someone had been helping themselves to it! There were only 2 little pieces left! Good thing we were all full from supper!!!

Menu for the week is as follows :

Sunday: Mustard and honey glazed roasted chicken, with wedge fries and a green salad.

Monday: Pasta with white sauce and kale.

Tuesday: Butter chicken with rice noodles and broccoli

Wednesday: Veggie Chilli

Thursday: chicken nuggets with veggies

Friday: Pizza

Have a great week!

So much for daily posts :(

Not feeling all that motivated. I didn’t even make a menu this week so I hope no one was counting on me for that! If you were, sorry 😦
I’ve started work on book #2. I have actually restarted it several times. Now I’m just going to get it all down on paper and then re-arrange it after. I’ve had no response to book 1, which is fine. I wasn’t expecting anything yet anyway, although it would have been cool if I had.
Let’s hope I get some major inspiration this weekend and plan a menu and have some great times with my hubby and darling daughter this weekend. The boys are off in the bush for the weekend. Hoping for a date night, but instead we are having some wonderful people over for supper Friday night and maybe an in-date night on Saturday 🙂
Hope everyone had a great hump day!!! Enjoy the rest of your week!

I did it!

I sent out two queries to publishers yesterday after finishing the last of my revisions 🙂 It was a great relief, at the same time, its the start of a new journey which is very scary. I think I’ve prepared myself for the inevitable negativity, but that’s easy for me to say now, as I haven’t gotten much yet ;). Maybe after the 20th refusal, I may change my tune 🙂 Anyway, I’ve started on this new phase of my life and good or bad , I”m going to try to stick with it. I have 3 more stories to write. I’m taking a bit of a break for the rest of the week and then back at it. Margaret’s story is next.