So far, this weekend has turned out much better than last!
Menu done, house clean, laundry in the works, prep and cooking done.
Menu for this week:
Sat :     Baked potatoes with broccoli/onion/garlic topping with smoked cheddar ( I know- vegan=no cheese, but I couldn’t resist!!) with tossed salad.

Sun:       steamed haddock with leeks and scalloped sweet/reg potatoes and raw veg.
Mon:       Bok Choy soup with spring rolls
Tues :     Veg stew with fresh bread
Wed:       Dahl, naan, and curried veg
Thurs:    Pasta Florentine
Fri:         Pizza
Didn’t do as well at the reduced rack as I would have liked, but I got some fruit which my daughter and I turned into apple/pear sauce and the foil wrapped baked potatoes. All meals that can be cooked ahead are including some roasted cauliflower soup ( tastes better if you roast the cauliflower).
On a writing note. I am hoping to polish to a shine, my first 3 chapters and send them out to a publisher and then finish off the last of the revisions on the rest of the book so it’s ready to send out to potential agents/publishers.
Hope everyone has a relaxing day of rest tomorrow!



Well, this is not exactly how I wanted to have a day off, or spend a 3 day weekend. It’s what it is. I lot track of the number of loads of laundry hubby and I did. I feel that I should do something really useful with this day. Like clean something that desperately needed cleaning, like the stove, or fridge or under the stove or fridge, but part of me wants to do nothing at all. If I was alone, I might opt for a nap, since sleep is a rare commodity these days. I also wanted to get the last bits of my story finished off so that I could get that sent out starting this week. My daughter has other plans. She thinks it’s great that she has mommy all to herself and a mountain of things to talk about and show me. I wonder what will actually get done 🙂


Well, the well laid plans for getting all my prepping and cleaning yesterday got sidetracked when I found lice in my daughters head. It totally grossed me out! I’ve witnessed surgeries and all manner of medical emergencies, even sewn up a few, but none of them grossed me out like like. I’m just not much of a bug person I guess. I don’t mind any of them outside, after-all, it’s their home. I just seriously object to them being inside my home for crying out loud! Now I have phantom itchies. I have very curly hair that resists combing on the best of days, how I would get the tiny comb through it baffles me. 😦 I’m going to soak it in tea tree oil and oil of oregano and do my best to give it a comb through. Then I have a cabillion loads of laundry to do and all my cooking from yesterday. I might have to call in sick Monday.
Oh and to top it off, I think I’m getting a cold 🙂
Hope you get to enjoy your day of rest!


A rainy day, which would be awesome, except I have to be out in it instead of curled up reading a book and watching movies all day. That hasn’t happened since I had kids :). Thank goodness for rain jackets and umbrella’s.
On Saturday, my usual routine, besides the housecleaning, is to make the week’s menu and shop and prep. On the menu this week is:
ratatouille, chicken/corn-on-cob/salad, vegetable soup, cabbage rolls, tuna patties/quinoa pilaf/veggies, mexican rice, pizza.
Today I also get to watch my nephew play football ( unless they don’t play in the rain) pick up my new tenor drum sticks ( yah, sooo excited) and, oh ya, clean my house! Oh! forgot, laundry!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!